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Sustainable Nonwovens Sustainable Nonwovens (SNW) is a subscription-based bi-monthly magazine and web-site which provides .. Product #: SN Regular price: $160.00 $160.00

Sustainable Nonwovens

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Sustainable Nonwovens (SNW) is a subscription-based bi-monthly magazine and web-site which provides a unique, fresh insight into the world of the nonwovens with a special focus on technical innovation and industry best practice.

It is written for a uniquely-integrated supply chain – from raw materials through to finished consumer and industrial products – and seeks to encourage shared information in the spirit of continuous improvement.

SNW also works closely with widely respected nonwoven organisations such as INDA, EDANA and ANEX where we exhibit at trade shows and conferences and where our experienced team of journalists break exclusive stories on the news that really matters to you.

Our electronic ‘Footprint’ subscriptions start from just £160 per year, but a subscription to our SNW PLUS package includes a bi-monthly printed magazine, full access to thousands of unique stories in our premium online archive; a weekly e-news bulletin, full access to all MCL magazines via our mobile app and a searchable electronic back issue of every magazine we have published.

Our readers include leading consumer brands, nonwoven manufacturers, retailers, end-users, machinery builders, fibre producers, finished and converted product companies, and more.

To ensure your business keeps pace with new innovations, remain compliant and keeps tabs on the changing strategies of leading nonwoven businesses – subscribe to SNW today.

Multiple subscription rates are available - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.  

  • Consumer and industrial nonwoven products

  • Advances in manufacturing and technology

  • Unique insight into the hygiene industry

  • Strategies of leading nonwoven manufacturers

  • Raw material and polymer innovations

  • News on nonwoven composite materials

  • Technologies for wet and dry staple conversion

  • Innovation in the filtration industry

  • Nonwoven applications for automotive and aerospace

  • The latest industry research and patents

  • Nonwovens business insight and analysis

  • Exclusive interviews

  • Live show reports



Haydn Davis has been a journalist involved in the textile and nonwovens sector since 2000 and was formerly the editor of Nonwovens Report International when it was published by World Textile Publications, Bradford, UK. He now works closely with Adrian Wilson, the consulting editor of Sustainable Nonwovens and is also the editor of Knitting Trade Journal since its launch back in 2008. A vastly experienced writer, Haydn was news editor of Knitting International for five years and was also the editor of Textile Month. He also worked on ITMA Daily News (ITMA 2003, ITMA Asia 2005) as well as business magazines in the energy sector for Reed International. He studied History & Politics at Manchester Metropolitan University UK and is a post-graduate of the Journalism Training Centre in London.

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