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Due Diligence in Textile Sourcing Are you a retailer or brand that wants to look beyond compliance, and in addition reduce the risks t.. Product #: DDTS Regular price: $75.00 $75.00

Due Diligence in Textile Sourcing

Price: £75

Are you a retailer or brand that wants to look beyond compliance, and in addition reduce the risks to your business while at the same time improving the lives of people and the community in your supply chain?

If so, this special MCL briefing is a 'must-read' for you. 

In this due diligence on textile sourcing, international expert Simon Ferrigno gets deep inside the textile supply chain to assesses how comprehensive due diligence is much more than simple compliance to third-party textile standards and/or an exercise in risk management.

This specially commissioned four part briefing, also considers if due diligence has become a sophisticated way for retailers and brands to cover themselves, or if it’s really being used as a tool for companies and investors upstream to ensure they comply with certain legal and moral imperatives of sustainable development.

This exploration of due diligence examines these issues and how it moves beyond the limitations of textile standards, which in the instance of cotton, can often ignore key questions outside their crop and immediate farm boundaries.

Part I. Introduction
Part II. The Environment
Part III. Economy and society
Part IV. Policy and governance
Part V. Recommendations 

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Due Diligence will be delivered as a licensed pdf files at just £75 per licence.

Simon Ferrigno is a consultant with nearly 20 years experience in sustainable agriculture policy and 10 in organic and sustainable cotton. Simon has helped apparel brands and retailers understand the realities and constraints of organic cotton, and supported farmers in understanding the market. He has written several reports on organic cotton fibre production, developed an impact assessment tool for organic cotton farmers and recently completed a report on best practices in organic cotton fibre production and trade. Simon is currently working on issues relating to prices and sustainability as well as with NGO and corporate clients.

A regular speaker at international events and an expert contributor to various sustainability initiatives, Simon is a regular correspondent to Ecotextile News where he writes a the widely talked about 'Cotton Horizons' column.

Previously, he has worked for Pesticide Action Network UK and the International Institute for Environment and Development.